Am I Still an Evangelical?

This is the question that I seem to be routinely asking myself: “Am I still an Evangelical?” Note that I did not say, “Am I still a Christian?” I still believe as passionately now as I first did now over 20 years ago. I can still wholeheartedly confess and affirm the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the other major creeds. What I wrestle with now are some of the more non-esssentials that I once thought were part and parcel of the Christian faith. On top of this, I would include also the number of times that I have been accused of holding liberal views because I question the status quo or dare to read—and appreciate and find fruitful—books outside what appears to be the approved evangelical camp of authors, both past and present.

I want to be clear, it is not that I have changed by mind regarding what I consider to be non-essentials; I probably still would say that I loosely hold to them. I just find myself wrestling with them more now than I did roughly 10 years or so ago. What I find disheartening is the questioning of one’s faith or accusations of liberalism. One’s commitment to Christ is not based on their view of inerrancy, evolution, women in ministry, or who they vote for or not. My commitment to Christ is based on my trust in his life, death, and resurrection. Everything else in a work in progress.


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