The Baker Book House Story

bbh-story.inddA few years back I reviewed the enjoyable history of Eerdmans, An Eerdmans Century. Well, in a matter of days Baker Book House will release their biography, The Baker Book House Story. I very much enjoy history and publishing, so this will be a delight I am sure. Here is the blurb.


From an immigrant’s dream to an industry leader–this is the Baker Book House story
In 1939, a young Dutch immigrant opened a used-book store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Herman Baker filled his store with five hundred books he had collected over the years, displaying them on homemade shelves. Seventy-five years later, his company has grown into one of the most influential Christian publishers in the world.

Yet The Baker Book House Story is more than the story of one man’s dream become reality. In its full-color pages is found the story of an independent, family-owned company dedicated to fulfilling its mission through many twists and turns over seventy-five years. With amusing anecdotes, warm memories, and more than fifty photos, this booklet provides a short history of Baker Book House Company and a delightful glimpse inside the Christian book business. It is both a helpful look back and a hopeful look forward into a company whose best days are still ahead.


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