New Blog Series: “How I Do Research”: Mike Bird (Gupta)

Excellent series for those engaged in research and writing.

Crux Sola

I am starting a new series on Crux Sola called “How I Do Research.” Basically, I am asking prolific scholars how they have learned the art of doing research. Up first is my buddy Michael F. Bird, author of many excellent books including Evangelical TheologyThe Saving Righteousness of God, and a new commentary on Romans coming out very soon!

Question #1: How do you approach research as a whole? Do you have a big-picture strategy? Do your research all at once, and then write? Do you do some sketching and reflecting on paper and then dig into research? Do you go back and forth?

 Bird2The magic of research happens in a number of ways. My main modus operandi is to be like a sculptor working on three or four sculptures at once where I take time to chip away at each one. I tend to compartmentalize my…

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