The Time Is Drawing Nigh…

Jim has produced an excellent work here. I would encourage you all to check it out and help send Jim to summer camp.

Zwinglius Redivivus

the-person-the-pew-commentary-seriesFor the commentary to appear in electronic format.  Logos wishes simply to have a few more interested souls pre-ordering before investing in the effort of electronicizing them.  They’re good, and that’s not just me saying so-

Gareth Jones (Hong Kong) says

I think there are three main reasons why these commentaries are so successful. First, West is a first-class Biblical scholar, one who makes the intelligent critical study of the text central to his theological interpretation. That commitment is rarer than one might imagine and to have it realized across the entire Bible is an astonishing feat that gives us now a unique resource.

Mark Leuchter (Philadelphia) said

As a Jew with great regard for the role that religious scripture plays in defining various communities of faith and setting them in conversation with each other, West’s commentary proved to be a rewarding and stimulating read, and bodes well for…

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