In the Mail: @IVPAcademic, @Baylor_Press, and Mohr Siebeck

It has been a crazy few weeks, and I have been behind in books received in the mail.

IVP Academic sent along two books recently: The Acts of the Apostles: A Newly Discovered Commentary (The Lightfoot Legacy Set) and Thomas Oden’s A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir. I had a pre-release copy of Lightfoot’s work and found it to be rather stimulating and insightful. Most certainly this will be a work to consult—even if it is over a hundred years old! I have also been reading Thomas Oden’s work before bed. I find Oden’s writing to be enjoyable. He does not get bogged down the the minutia that some biographies seem to get stuck in. Truly this is a joyful read!

Baylor Press was kind enough to send along the latest from the BHGNT on  the Gospel of Mark. Consisting of two volumes (1-8 and 9-16) from the late Rodney Decker, these volumes yet again solidify the value of this series for Greek students and teachers. If you do any work in the GNT, whether it is simply reading for devotions or writing a commentary, these books need to be open next to your NA28 or UBS5.

The last book received comes from the always amazing Mohr Siebeck. I was surprised when I received their latest in the WUNT 1 series, From Synagogue to EcclesiaMy friend Craig Evans and Charles Carlston have written what looks to be a very interesting study on Matthew’s Gospel.


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