Remembering Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

oconnor_2735670bOne year ago today we lost a great New Testament scholar in Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. From 1967 until his death he was Professor of New Testament at the École Biblique in Jerusalem. He authored a number of books on Paul, Corinthians, and a guide on the Holy Land.

Today, what I remember most about this fine scholar was his graciousness and helpfulness. When I kept hitting a wall with Gabalda regarding getting permission to translate Ceslas Spicq’s commentary on Hebrews, on a whim I filled out a contact form on the École Biblique website not thinking he would even see my request for help. But he did, and he was eager to get in touch with Gabalda and secure permission to translate the work. My only regret is that he did not live long enough for me to be able to personally give him an English translation of his former teacher’s seminal work on Hebrews.

Requiescat in pace, good sir!


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