In the Mail: @Eerdmansbooks and @Eisenbrauns Edition

When I got to work today, I received a nice surprise from the fine folks at Eerdmans. They very kindly sent along a copy of Mike “Biblica Hipsteria” Bird’s The Gospel of the Lord. I remember perusing the galleys last November at SBL and being impressed with what I was able to read. Congrats Mike on another the publication of another book!

When I got home I noticed that I had two packaged for me from Eisenbrausns. I have been waiting for my copy of the latest Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters to come; they accidentally shipped it to my old California address. Well to my surprise, they sent me two copies. So, I need to find one of them a new home. Thanks again to the fine folks at Eisenbrauns for sending me a new copy to my current address.


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