We Need More Adolf Schlatter’s

Schlatter_im_LehnstuhlWhen Adolf Schlatter was first hired onto the theology faculty at Bern he was not welcomed. In someways the conservative Christians in Germany forced the faculty of Bern to hire a conservative, and the lucky man as Schlatter. While there, he was often ignored and told that he was not wanted. This did not faze him, even when a permanent spot on the faculty meant scoring higher on exams than what was normally the case. Eventually, his colleagues could not deny the fact that Schlatter was truly gifted, so much so that they insisted that his position on the faculty be supported by the school itself.

What I admire about Schlatter was not just his intellect. It was also the fact that he did not cry persecution when he was treated unfairly by his colleagues. Instead, he let his scholarship do the talking. And talking it did! His scholarship was innovative and fresh, not reactionary. May God raise up more Schlatters!


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