Women Who Attend Southern Can Get A PhD in Old Testament…

That is one expensive Sunday school degree!

Zwinglius Redivivus

As long as they only ever teach women….*


Wow.  I guess they can get a PhD in NT as long as they only teach other women too. And perhaps even Housekeeping (which of course they wouldn’t need to teach men anyway, since that’s women’s work and women should only teach womenly stuff to women and never to men…).

I guess, though, that Al has never read Galatians 3:28.  Or maybe a woman told him about it and so he just couldn’t believe it.

Good thing that Al and his ilk weren’t there at the resurrection, because the women who left the tomb were the first to announce the Risen Lord and poor Al wouldn’t have been allowed to be taught by them so he would have had to ignore them…

*From the facebook. The friend’s info has been removed.

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