Forthcoming @Baylor_Press Book

download   Beyond Bultmann: Reckoning a New Testament Theology

   Richard Longenecker, Mikeal Parsons




This is a book worth getting from Baylor Press.

Rudolf Bultmann’s Theology of the New Testament has withstood the test of time. At the very moment modernity was threatening to splinter New Testament studies into a myriad of isolated disciplines, Bultmann was somehow able to hold history, exegesis, and theology together. Theology of the New Testament was, and still is, the definitive theological statement of a high modernist critic. In it Bultmann was as relentless in his historical judgments as he was unapologetic in highlighting the New Testament’s existential claims.

Beyond Bultmann puts Bultmann’s classic Theology of the New Testament to a new test.Thirteen contemporary New Testament scholars subject Bultmann’s Theology to a comprehensive new reading. This fresh, critical examination of Bultmann not only places his magisterial work in a new context but also reveals the enduring features of Bultmann’s achievement. Beyond Bultmann demonstrates that Theology of the New Testament, far from being a relic in the museum of interpretation, still speaks today despite its flaws.

The blurbs are quite nice as well.

“The penetrating essays in this book analyze Bultmann’s theology, applauding its strengths while also criticizing its weaknesses. This is a richly rewarding volume that newly assesses the ongoing significance of Bultmann for contemporary New Testament theology.”
—Donald A. Hagner, George Eldon Ladd Professor Emeritus of New Testament
Fuller Theological Seminary  

“In Beyond Bultmann, leading New Testament scholars are trenchant in their criticisms of Bultmann’s theological interpretation of the New Testament, but succeed brilliantly in clarifying Bultmann’s aims and achievements. Beyond Bultmann shows the possibilities and pitfalls of a traditional discipline now capable of addressing a more secular audience.”
—Rev. Robert Morgan, Fellow of Linacre College, University of Oxford  

Beyond Bultmann points out the continuing importance of engaging and evaluating Bultmann as interpreter of the New Testament—in all of his historical, exegetical, and theological strengths and weaknesses. There is no better resource for this task than this critical and constructive study. ”
—Michael J. Gorman, Raymond E. Brown Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, St. Mary’s Seminary & University, Baltimore  


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