A Steal at @Logos Bible Software: De Gruyter’s Journal for New Testament Studies and the Ancient Church (@AcademicLogos)

The name de Gruyter brings to mind both academic prestige and crazy prices! If you want to get a book published by this fantastic publisher, you may need to mortgage your house. Case in point, if you want to pick up a copy of my friend Nijay’s book Worship that Makes Sense to Paul: A New Approach to the Theology and Ethics of Paul’s Cultic Metaphors, it would set you back $112. You may think, well I will get the kindle version. Sweet! That will only be $112 as well. My other friend Ben likewise has a volume published with de Gruyter. That one will be a measly $168—both print and ebook! What is a poor scholar to do? Well, thankfully the folks at Logos have come our aid!

Right now you can get both Nijay and Ben’s monograph, as well as a few more, for just over the price of Ben monograph alone! Now, I am no mathematician but I can count money, and this is highway robbery! So do yourself a favor and pre-order this collection now!

Although I work for Logos, I get no kickback for this post. I love good books and I love getting them cheap!

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