Write it down, Read aloud!

Good suggestions here for those wanting to keep up with their language studies.

Abbey House Sojourner

This post is going to be brief. I have only two points to make regarding dedicated language study.

1. Write it down.

2. Read aloud.

Point 1:

You can’t learn any language well just by reading it over and over again. You have to write it down, get a feel for how the words dance together, how the accents flit across the tops of the words. You need to make your own hand and brain connect as you re-compose the letter, the story, the speech. Make it your own. Write it down.

Point 2:

What is the point of language if you aren’t saying anything? Speaking in your head is like praying in your head; Samuel thought Hannah was drunk. That means what she was doing probably wasn’t normal. Find a quiet place or go on the street corner if you dare and read your text aloud (that’s not normal…

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