Beware the Dangers of…Rap?

Recently at a conference title Worship of God a panel was asked what they thought of reformed rap and the artists that produce such music. Though I am not your token carrying rap fan (I do enjoy some I must say), I did find the answers given by the panel to be somewhat out of touch with reality and the culture in which they minister and live. At one point accusations like “disobedient cowards” were thrown around. What I took from this is that a panel of six middle aged white men are ignorant of much of the music that most of their young congregants are listening to. When you leave out the lyrics and just have the music, I must ask what makes Mozart’s music anymore sanctified than Lecrae or Beautiful Eulogy? One may love Mozart and one Beautiful Eulogy, but please enlighten me as to why one is more God-honoring than the other. Maybe it’s time for these six men to get out of their comfort zones and start looking at the world around them more. One thing is for certain, they aren’t in Kansas anymore.


3 thoughts on “Beware the Dangers of…Rap?

  1. “Rap is the death-rattle in the throat of a dying culture.”
    This panel sounds a lot like a death-rattle in the throat of a dying sector of the church. Arbitrary, out of touch, see-through holes in logic.

    • Love your reply, Dan. Thanks for bringing this up, Cliff. Their comments are only a small glimpse into what lies deeper for a lot of self-claimed leaders of the Church. When worship mashed up with the rock movement in the 60’s and took on a different sound many of the same sentiments drove new Christian music to be sold behind the counters of Christian bookstores in unmarked brown paper bags similar to pornography in corner stores at the time. The hip-hop culture is terrifying to those who are out of touch.

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