Another Successful #SBLAAR and #ETS13

Well, it was another successful year at ETS and SBL/AAR. Many stopped by the Logos booth to see the power of Logos Bible Software in action. The sale guys this year killed it! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and overall just awesome to watch in action. Our publisher relations teams were busy meeting with all the major publishers who were also at the conferences. This year we also had a booth for our newest venture at Logos—Lexham Press. The guys and gals at Lexham were meeting with a wide variety of potential authors, trying to secure deals to publish with us. When I was not at the booth, I was making contacts and talking about Logos Mobile Ed. Mobile Ed is the team I am on and I am excited to get to talk with people about what we are doing. In all, the Logos team was awesome as usual.

When I was not working the booth or meeting with Mobile Ed speakers, I was catching up with old friends and making new ones. This year I got to spend the majority of my free time with my friend Andrew Pitts. I have never met a guy who can walk into a room and by the time he exits, he has secured something like five book ideas and solicited around ten essays for a book. The guy amazes me! At any rate, here are some highlights of my evenings at ETS and SBL/AAR.

  • Had the great privilege of being apart of a small Q&A with N.T. Wright. I was was one of about ten bloggers who got to meet and talk with Prof Wright. It was truly a great honor to meet Wright. Thanks again Emily.
  • Finally met the infamous Jim West in person. He is the nicest guy around, which makes me appreciate his blog all the more.
  • I got to hang out with Dr. Porter and some of his MacDiv students a number of times. Thanks again to Andrew for bringing me into the circle.
  • I spent over an hour talking with Dr. Hagner. We met last year in Chicago and have been conversing through email since. He told me stories of F.F. Bruce, G.E. Ladd, Martin Hengel, and others. I truly love this man and his love for the word of God.
  • I hung out with Mike Bird on a number of occasions.
  • I met a number of Durham students. I like these guys and gals, and look forward to their contribution to biblical scholarship and also seeing them again.
  • Got to meet in person Shawn Wilhite. We are truly kindred spirits.
  • I got  to have dinner with one of my two favorite professors, Joe Hellerman. We went to Sullivan’s and spent the evening catching up and talking about all manners of life. I look forward to hanging out again, sooner rather than later.
  • My main man Matt Montonini and I ran Baltimore while we were there.
  • Caught up with Joel Watts. In fact, now that I think of it I don’t think I ever saw Joel—or Jeremy for that matter—any other place than the Pratt Street Ale House.
  • I bought some books, and I was given some books. But that is to be expected—the buying that is.

In all, I had a blast! That is until I had to fly back. I will spare you those details, but let me say this: never fly United!

If interested, here are some pictures from the festivities.


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