It’s That Time of Year Again: #SBLAAR2013 and #ETS2013

This is the time of year when all of us Bible geeks gather together in one town for two conferences: The Evangelical Theology Society and Society of Biblical Literature national conference. For those who are not enlightened (read: nerd), the ETS and SBL conferences are to biblical scholars/students what Comic-Con is to comic fans, only better and far more based in reality. You will not see people running around in their favorite Power Ranger or Pokemon costumes—well, that depends if Joel Watts, Jim West or Jeremy Thompson brings their costumes. In that case, be on the look out for these three.

In all seriousness, these conferences bring some of the brightest minds in biblical scholarship together in one city for a week of stimulating papers (i.e. 30 min mini-lectures of sorts), discussion, debate, and most importantly books! Yes, it is the books that draw us in. All of the major publishers will be in one room, with sales that make Black Friday jealous. But most importantly, Logos Bible Software will be there, and that is where you can find me! Stop by and say hello and see all that we are doing. I wold love to meet the all three of the readers of this blog—well, I guess just one since my Mom and wife are not coming.


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