The Great Evangelical Theology Giveaway! (@ZondervanAcademic)

BirdSomehow I received in the mail an extra review copy of Mike Bird’s Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction from the fine folks at Zondervan. Instead of using it at as doorstop (don’t worry Mike, I would not even consider it!), I figured it would be better served in the hands of one lucky winner. So, we are going to have a giveaway! How do you enter you ask? Great question! All you need to do to enter your name into the drawing is leave a comment telling me you did the following things—the more you do, the more chances you have of winning Mike Bird’s excellent new book:

  1. Comment on this post and share how Mike’s book will benefit your personal studies
  2. Follow me on Twitter (leave a comment saying you did)
  3. Share this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter (leave a comment saying you did)
  4. Like Theological Musings on Facebook (leave a comment saying you did)
  5. Like Zondervan Academic’s Facebook page (leave a comment saying you did)
  6. Join the Nerdy Language Major Facebook Group—trust me, it is awesome (leave a comment saying you did)

While you are at, you should also follow Mike Bird (@mbird12) and Zondervan Academic (@ZonderAcademic) on Twitter.

In a few weeks I will close the giveaway and pick the winner.

Because I am poor, I must limit this to USA and possibly Canada.


39 thoughts on “The Great Evangelical Theology Giveaway! (@ZondervanAcademic)

  1. I
    – Followed you on Twitter
    – Liked Theological Musings on FB
    – Liked Zondervan Academic on FB
    – Joined Nerdy Language Major FB Group
    – am your friend in real life

    • I graduated several years ago and went into a different field, so my formal study in religion is over, but living in the South, I feel this would be a particularly fascinating read for its own sake.

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  3. Dr. Bird’s book would be immensely helpful for my personal studies. I am a current seminary student who is focusing on Biblical studies. Dr. Bird’s new book would be essential in working to bridge the gap between Biblical studies and systematic theologians. Dr. Bird also addresses current streams of thought in a thoughtful manner needed converse with the cultures of our day.
    In addition, I
    -liked Theological Musings on FB
    -liked Zondervan Academic on FB
    -Joined Nerdy Language Major FB Group
    -could be your friend in real life in the future

  4. 1. I am very interested in Bird’s proposal of a purely evangelical theology that is centered around the euangellion itself, rather than subsidiary issues. I have never had a systematic theology, and it looks great!
    2. I followed you on Twitter
    3. I shared on facebook and twitter
    4. I “liked” theological musings
    5. I “liked” Zondervan academic
    6. I joined the Facebook group

  5. Hey Cliff,
    I followed you on twitter (and Mike Bird)
    liked Theological Musings
    liked Zondervan Academic and followed them on twitter
    Re-tweeted the give-away
    And I’ve been on NLM for some time now

    I’m always looking for a good synthesis on the big issues of biblical studies. My passion is for the Gospel and I’m excited to read a theology which shares that commitment. I’m sure this book will be a great benefit to me.

  6. -Bird’s dual sensitivity to exegesis and systematics will help shape my approach to both disciplines so one will not overtake the other
    -followed TM on Facebook
    -liked Zondervan on Facebook

  7. As a future theology instructor (Lord willing) outside of US, I want to have this volume in my library along with other important works in theology. Especially, I’m interested to see how author (M. Bird) puts together two approaches for theology (biblical & systematic) and incorporates them in a single book!
    Also, I did all steps from 1-6.

  8. 1. I’m stoked to read a systematic book on theology. Either way I’ll end up buying the book. Sounds interesting.
    2. I already follow you on twitter.
    3. I shared it and retweeted it.
    4. I liked Theological Musings.
    5. Liked Zonderzan Academic’s page.
    6. I’m already a member of Nerdy Language Major group.

  9. This would be helpful because I am biblical studies guy and don’t give as much reading time to systematics. Perhaps Bird’s would reverse that trend? (Ok, probably not, but it would be a helpful resource!)

  10. 1 – I would like the book because Mike Bird is the bomb-diggety. 🙂
    2 – Already a follower on twitter
    5 – Already liked Zondervan Academic
    6 – Joined Nerdy Major FB group.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Mike’s contribution to a general study of evangelical theology.

  11. I am a biblical theologian, through and through – but sometimes I fail to look at the (biblical) context of particular ideas/concepts from Scripture. Bird’s text would keep me headed in the right direction as I seek to teach on different doctrines!

  12. I already have been Follow you on twitter. Twitter. My twitter name is @GueriteHarrell
    I did share this this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. (My real name on Facebook is Marguerite Harrell.)
    I also did Like Theological Musings on Facebook for the first time.
    I already have Like Zondervan Academic’s Facebook page.
    I just join the Nerdy Language Major Facebook Group and just gotten email that I am accepted in that Nerdy Group by the way I like Nerdy name too.

    As for the book, I know it will help me to understand clearly and will be able to share this among my church family as well. Thank you for this wonderful Giveaway contest.

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