What does the California DMV and #ObamaCare have in Common?

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 10.21.37 AM

When I think of my trips to the DMV in southern California I begin to think that I would rather have my wisdom teeth pulled than experience that governmental mess of a DMV! It was a chaotic nightmare: getting there for an early morning appointment, only to wait for 2–3 hours after your appointed time before you actually get help! What was originally a 10:30am appointment time turned into a 1pm appointment time. Needless to say, a root canal was more enjoyable than a trip to the DMV. On top of that, the people who work their were some of the crankiest people on the planet! They rarely smiled, laughed, or showed any other emotion than one of bothered or anger.

Now, you may be asking, What does this above description of the DMV and Obama Care have in common? Well, it’s simple really. They are both run and operated by the government. I recently tried to sign my wife up for some health care and the website seemed to putter out and refuse do much of anything. Now, some may have had great experiences with the website, and that is great for them. I am sure there were one or two who would say that had a great experience with the SoCal DMV; but for every one or two people with a great experience, I can find fifty to sixty who would rather have their eyes gauged out with a spoon than have to sit at their local DMV and waste their time with a broken system!

Anyways, back to the point at hand. For me, this whole Obama Care (or Affordable Health Care—which if you factor in the time I wasted trying to even get an account set up, really is not affordable at all!) is a disaster waiting to happen! If the same government that runs the DMV is also the same that will run this whole Health Care program, we may be in for a mess of a time! All it takes is a trip to the DMV to see this in action.

Maybe we truly are living in the last days!


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