The August Carnival: Your Chronologically Organized Septuagint Free Zone

The cat-loving Jim West offers us his best of the biblioblogs.

Zwinglius Redivivus

the-dictionary-of-classical-hebrewThis month’s Carnival has two wry twists:  first, there will be no mention of the LXX.  If, like me, you’ve grown weary of having people drone on and on about the Greek translation of the Old Testament; having it shoved in your face in bathroom stalls and whilst eating your lunch at Taco Bell; wishing the LXX pushers would stop coming to your door every Saturday morning at 8 and urging you to take one along with a copy of The Watchtower; and become exhausted hearing about it endlessly in faculty meetings, on the bus, on the train, and on planes, you’ll understand my reason for excluding it.

And second, it’s organized chronologically.  Great posts from each day of the month.  So, let the joyfulness commence!

August 1 – Luke Chandler has word on other discoveries at Qeiyafa which haven’t been mentioned in all the ‘David Slept Here’ hullabaloo.

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