Biblical Studies Carnival: August, 2013

My buddy from TX (it’s okay, he is only visiting I hope) has the latest Biblical Studies Carnival up. Do check it out!

the archives near Emmaus

This is the Biblical Studies Carnival for August 2013. It isn’t a carnival though, not really. No roller coasters. No cotton candy. No clowns. Rather, it is more like a used bookstore (though oddly, everything is new). I guess I could name our imaginary used bookstore “Carnival Books”!

I’ll tell you what section your browsing, and I’ve ordered it alphabetically according to each author’s last name, but its up to you to find something relevant. Good news, everything is free! (Though time is money, so there’s that…oh, and blogs posts aren’t books.)

[Final note: like any good used bookstore people should be able to bring in things they’ve read so that others might do so as well. If you didn’t get a chance to recommend something, but you think others might enjoy it, leave a link in the comments section below.]


Hebrew Bible/Early Judaism

Peter Enns, Would Jesus get…

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