@DerekWebb “I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You.”

81hmoz0e6FL._SL1500_Like many who follow Derek Webb and his music, I was a great admirer of Caedmon’s Call, of which Derek was/is a member of for many years. Naturally, when he released She Must and Shall Go Free I was quick to buy it. It still remains of the best albums I own. In a time when Christian music was irrelevant and lost in the so-called worship movement—a movement in which I personally find no redeeming qualities, but that is a different story all together—Derek Webb’s first solo record was like a breath of fresh air. Both musically and lyrically, it was fresh, creative and very, very honest! From that moment on I have purchased every album that he has released, and I have enjoyed everyone of them.

Now, when I heard a few months back that he was releasing a new album, one which was a return to his first, I was instantly excited for what was to come. I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You does not disappoint. Musically it harkens back to his earlier days. Somewhat stripped down, Derek’s acoustic guitar allows the listener to focus in on what he wants to say. He is honest and direct, allowing the listener to seek for the apology that the album title suggests.

No doubt I will have more to say as I listen to it over and over these next few weeks and months, I did want to address something that I have been seeing via twitter, Facebook, and various blogs. Some are curious as to why or to whom Derek is apologizing. Now I suppose this is an honest curiosity, but I cannot help but wonder why they need to know really. No doubt if you are familiar with Webb’s music you are also well acquainted with the controversy that has surrounded him these last four or so years. From his politics, to his controversial Stockholm Syndrome*, to his decision to tour with former CCM artist Jennifer Knapp, Derek Webb has had his share of critics. No doubt I may disagree with some of Derek’s decisions, I nevertheless do not feel as though I need any apology from him—though I am glad that he loves me; I love you too man! If Derek is apologizing to his fans—both former and current—I will say that to do so is hard! It is never easy to admit your are wrong and say you are sorry.

All this to say, I will not listen to Derek’s latest offering with an ear towards seeking to find what he is apologizing for. Rather, I will be grateful that I have another album from a musician that I have come to admirer and love in many respects, even if we disagree on some major points. I am sure if Derek and I talked, we would have much in common and he would likewise find much to disagree with me about.

*Stockholm Syndrome is probably my second favorite Derek Webb album. I love the all of the programming and beats, and the hooks are awesome!

Thy Will Be Done
my god and father! while i stray,
far from my home in life’s rough way,
oh! teach me from my heart to say,
“thy will be done!”

if thou shouldst call me to resign,
what most i prize,
it ne’er was mine.
i only yield thee what was thine;
“thy will be done!”

if but my fainting heart be blest,
with thy sweet spirit for its guest,
my god! to thee i leave the rest,
“thy will be done!”

renew my will from day to day,
blend it with thine, and take away,
all now that makes it hard to say,
“thy will be done!”

then when on earth i breathe no more,
the prayer oft mixed with tears before,
i’ll sing upon a happier shore,
“thy will be done!”


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