Practice Greek like a Violin Player

Abbey House Sojourner

I daily contemplate how I can improve my reading ability in Greek and Hebrew (as well as German and French). Now, I consider myself a very disciplined person, setting goals both short and long term, sticking diligently to my reading plans, getting up early or staying up late to finish my intended number of pages or chapters, etc.

Still, I know that I am not as good at these languages as I should be. Applaud me for even attempting to study them if you’d like, but you see, I’m not the kind of person that ever does something half-mast. Ask my wife to describe me and she’ll use one word: “intense.” (I prefer “motivated.”)

My self-assessed shortcomings in the languages are scary, because I’m about to begin a PhD in New Testament studies at Durham University, considered by many to be one of the best theology departments in the world.

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