How, As A Scholar, To Sell Books (And Sell Out)

Jim is correct! We, sadly, live in a time when people will believe anything! The hard work of checking facts and reading primary sources is not welcomed among those who want to remain lazy and ignorant.

Zwinglius Redivivus

bell1- Write unorthodoxly. Unorthodoxy sells, especially if you can work in denigration of faith or Church.
2- Misrepresent the scholarly consensus.
3- Pretend that your 2nd or 3rd century heretical notion is actually your own modern insight.
4- Put glitzy covers on your books, along with weird pictures of you posing on the back dust jacket.
5- Pander to the basest aspects and curiosities of human nature.
6- Hire an agent.
7- Eisegete, eisegete, eisegete.
8- Ignore historical theology.

heldIf you follow those eight steps, you’ll sell your book. In fact, following those eight steps you don’t even have to pretend to be a scholar (because you no longer are), you can just be what you have become: a sell out.

[There are several exemplars available to guide you through the process.  Just follow in their footsteps, even if they all can’t really be considered scholars by any stretch of…

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4 thoughts on “How, As A Scholar, To Sell Books (And Sell Out)

  1. Or perhaps some of us are too busy. I will check Wright and trust he has done the work. It is a little unfair to expect pastors who are already time poor to check primary sources all of the time, wouldn’t you say? (Just some friendly push back).

      • I’m not sure either of those authors do that (although Jim makes the claim). Don’t get me wrong I don’t agree with either of them as authors. Our church has used Bell’s Nooma DVDs and they are great (for what they are) and I know many women who have been blessed by Rachel (although I find her frustrating. As I sat listening to NT Wright last week it occurred to me (finally) that I’m not an academic. I am a pastor. It is my job to read and listen to THE primary source. I try and fill in gaps with commentaries and authors like Wright and Dunn etc whom I trust. But I also have to visit 5 people in hospital, take communion to shut ins, catch up with young people all while trying to exegete “I am crucified with Christ!” 🙂

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