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Brave Reviews: Unbiased Christian Book Reviews & A massive Summer Book Giveaway

Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine named Jason. Jason started sharing his opinions about books a few years back. He would read and write, just to give his thoughts and let others knows what he was reading. Then he organized his thoughts into a blog in order to help people find quality Christian reads and reviews. He called the site Brave Reviews. That blog has grown into a website that is made of a small number of reviewers who have partnered with an array of quality publishers all in order to summarize and evaluate relevant Christian reads – for you! To boil it down, Brave

Reviews exists for the following two reasons.

  1. Brave Reviews exists to let readers know what books are available. Their audience is people like you; Pastors, professors and laypeople who are over-committed and over-compassionate. In other words, you love people so much that you have not given yourself the time to stay up on what is being published. Brave Reviews is like an alarm clock for followers that alerts them of new and noteworthy texts.
  2. Brave Reviews exists to let readers know what books are for them. How many times have you heard, “You should really pick this book up. It’d be great for you in your field!” If we only had a book for every time we heard that! Their second task is to be your filter for these new books to let you know especially who should pick up a copy.

If you have not yet visited Jason’s website, I highly suggest that you do. In fact, now is a great time because they are hosting a massive summer book giveaway. Six respected publishers have contributed more than $200 in books to give away to you.

Enter The Giveaway


Jason graduated with a Master’s degree in Biblical Exegesis from Wheaton College Graduate School. Currently, Jason serves as a Young Adult Pastor at MissionView Church and is an adjunct instructor at Malone University alongside the hours that he commits to reading and reviewing. You can find Brave Reviews on Twitter and Facebook.


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