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My good friend Tavis has a great post on to improve your Greek. Do heed his advice!

Abbey House Sojourner

Today’s post is an excerpt from an email I sent to a fellow seminary student who asked how to continue to improve his Greek. He has finished his required courses in Greek for seminary, but wants to keep growing in it. The references to Dr. Varner are specific to this student’s questions about taking a class with one of the best teachers of Greek anywhere (he teaches Bible and Greek at both The Master’s College and The Mater’s Seminary). Here is my advice, based on things I actually do:
I failed to maintain my own Greek after the first year. Although I had taken three Greek classes in the summer following the required exegesis, within a year I was a bit rusty. To prevent this happening I suggest a couple of things:
1. Read, read, read the Greek NT and Apostolic Fathers.
2. Take Dr. Varner’s 2 Peter/Jude class being…

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