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Another interesting forthcoming book, this time from Cambridge University Press: Engaging with C. H. Dodd on the Gospel of John: Sixty Years of Tradition and Interpretation.

Here is the table of contents:

1. The semeiotics of history: C. H. Dodd on the origins and character of the Fourth Gospel Tom Thatcher

Part I. Approaching the Problem: Reflections on Dodd’s Context and Method:
2. C. H. Dodd as a precursor to narrative criticism R. Alan Culpepper
3. Progress and paradox: C. H. Dodd and Rudolf Bultmann on history, the Jesus tradition, and the Fourth Gospel Craig R. Koester
4. Symbolism in John’s Gospel: an evaluation of Dodd’s contribution Jan van der Watt
5. C. H. Dodd on John 13:16 (and 15:20): St John’s knowledge of Matthew revisited David Godecharle and Gilbert Van Belle
6. John and the rabbis revisited Catrin H. Williams
7. Characters who count: the case of Nicodemus Jaime Clark-Soles

Part II. History and Tradition in the Fourth Gospel:
8. C. H. Dodd, the historical Jesus, and realized eschatology Urban C. von Wahlde
9. Historical tradition(s) and/or Johannine redaction? A reflection on the threefold repetition of Pilate’s statement ‘I find no guilt in him’ (John 18:38b
19:4, 6) Hellen Mardaga
10. Incidents dispersed in the synoptics and cohering in John: Dodd, Brown, and Johannine historicity Paul N. Anderson
11. Reflections on a footnote John Ashton
12. The anointing in John 12:1–8: a tale of two hypotheses Wendy E. S. North
13. Eucharist and Passover: the two ‘loci’ of the liturgical commemoration of the Last Supper in the early Church Michael Theobald

Part III. Future Directions:
14. The Fourth Gospel and the founder of Christianity: the place of historical tradition in the work of C. H. Dodd John Painter.


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