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I am looking forward to Baker Academic’s The World of the New Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts. Is is sure to be a useful work for New Testament studies. Here is a look at the table of contents:

1. Introduction
Joel B. Green and Lee Martin McDonald
2. New Testament Chronology
Lee Martin McDonald
Part 1: Setting the Context: Exile and the Jewish Heritage
3. Exile
Nicholas Perrin
4. The Hasmoneans and the Hasmonean Era
Larry R. Helyer
5. The Herodian Dynasty
Everett Ferguson
6. Monotheism
Nathan MacDonald
7. The Scriptures and Scriptural Interpretation
Lidija Novakovic
Part 2: Setting the Context: Roman Hellenism
8. Greek Religion
Moyer V. Hubbard
9. The Imperial Cult
Nicholas Perrin
10. Greco-Roman Philosophical Schools
John T. Fitzgerald
11. Civic and Voluntary Associations in the Greco-Roman World
Michael S. Moore
12. Economics, Taxes, and Tithes
David J. Downs
13. Slaves and Slavery in the Roman World
S. Scott Bartchy
14. Women, Children, and Families in the Roman World
Lynn H. Cohick
15. Education in the Greco-Roman World
Ben Witherington III
Part 3: The Jewish People in the Context of Roman Hellenism
16. Temple and Priesthood
David Instone-Brewer
17. Jews and Samaritans
Lidija Novakovic
18. Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes
Michelle Lee-Barnewall
19. The Dead Sea Scrolls
C. D. Elledge
20. Prophetic Movements and Zealots
James D. G. Dunn
21. Apocalypticism
Larry R. Helyer
22. Synagogue and Sanhedrin
Kenneth D. Litwak
23. Jews in the Diaspora
David A. deSilva
24. Noncanonical Jewish Writings
Daniel M. Gurtner
25. Jewish Identity, Beliefs, and Practices
Archie T. Wright
26. Jewish Education
Kent L. Yinger
27. Healing and Health Care
Joel B. Green
Part 4: The Literary Context of Early Christianity
28. Reading, Writing, and Manuscripts
E. Randolph Richards
29. Pseudonymous Writings and the New Testament
Lee Martin McDonald
30. Literary Forms in the New Testament
Thomas E. Phillips
31. Homer and the New Testament
Thomas E. Phillips
32. Josephus and the New Testament
Michael F. Bird
33. Philo and the New Testament
Torrey Seland
34. Rabbinic Literature and the New Testament
Bruce Chilton
35. Other Early Christian Writings
Nicholas Perrin
Part 5: The Geographical Context of the New Testament
36. Jesus Research and Archeology
James H. Charlesworth
37. Egypt
John D. Wineland
38. Palestine
Thomas R. Hatina
39. Syria, Cilicia, and Cyprus
Mark Wilson
40. The Province and Cities of Asia
Paul Trebilco
41. Galatia
Mark Wilson
42. Macedonia
Gene L. Green
43. Achaia
Gene L. Green
44. Rome and Its Provinces
Thomas Hatina
Additional Resources
Money in the New Testament Era
Measurements in the New Testament Era

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