Classic Commentaries from Logos Bible Software

One of the best things that Logos Bible Software has going on is what they call Community Pricing. Logos finds classic works that are in the Public Domain and puts them online to see what the community—that is Logos users—is willing to pay to produce them. This is a win for all because the more users who bid, the lower the final price will be!

Here is a short video that explains the whole process even better.

Classic Commentaries and Studies on Hebrews


The best of the best in Community Pricing are the Classic Commentaries and Studies Collections. These particular collections have brought some of the best commentaries that were once out-of-print back into the light! In fact, although not specifically related to this series, one such collection that Logos has produced via Community Pricing is the Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges (21 vols.). While I myself do not buy many electronic commentaries, I will say that I did jump on the bandwagon for one collection in particular.

The Classic Commentaries and Studies on Hebrews (31 vols.) was just too good to pass up! For me, the one commentary I was most excited for was the classic two volume work from Franz Delitzsch. Now, I know that this has been reprinted by the good folks over at Wipf & Stock. But the price tag of $68 for a reprint was nearly three times the cost of the entire 31 vols. that Logos had on Community Pricing. So that was a no brainer; not only did I get Delitzsch’s commentary, I also received George Milligan’s Theology of the Epistle to the Hebrews, Hoskier’s Commentary on the Various Readings in the Text of the Epistle to the Hebrews in the Chester-Beatty Papyrus P46, and Goodspeed’s The Epistle to the Hebrews.

While 31 vols. for such an amazing price is always a good thing, I do not necessarily need all these commentaries. But that is a small price to pay for getting what I really wanted, namely the work of Delitzsch. I would recommend that you go and check out some of the Classic Commentaries and Studies Collections that Logos has thus far produced. While there, I would place a bid on both the Biblical Apocrypha collection as well as the Minor Prophets.

Disclaimer: Although I work for Logos Bible Software, I write this in all sincerity and without any pressure to do so. Logos is a great place to work! In fact, they are hiring.

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