Free Book: The Gospel According to Isaiah 53

Kregel recently released a collection of essays on surrounding the famous passage of Scripture from Isaiah 53. The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 includes some important essays from Walter Kaiser, Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, and others on topics ranging from the use of Isaiah 53 in the Pauline letter to Isaiah 53 in Acts 8. The following video explains the purpose of the book.

The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 from Chosen People Ministries on Vimeo.

53I have an extra copy of The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 that I would like to giveaway to one lucky reader of this blog. So, if you want to win yourself a copy of this work, just leave a comment below telling me how this book will benefit your studies. At the end of the week I will select one lucky winner. So, comment away.





*Only those who live in the USA are eligible to win*

17 thoughts on “Free Book: The Gospel According to Isaiah 53

  1. Okay. This book has been on my “must read” list for almost a year. Isaiah 53 is my favorite chapter in the Bible and God has really used it in my life in powerful ways. As soon as I saw this book, I knew it was a must for me. I’d love to win a free copy.

  2. Wow. This book looks amazing. This would be helpful for me for numerous reasons. For example, First: To know and glorify God more. Second: I am in full-time ministry, and this would be an excellent resource to learn from so that I can minister to my local church gathering. Third: To better communicate the Gospel, especially to the Jewish people.


  3. Would love to own this book and use it to learn in a deeper way how the gospel of Jesus Christ is foretold in Isaiah 53, how the plan of redemption runs through the Old testament, with the goal of being able to share that with others. Thanks!

  4. As a Jewish believer in Jesus and a Baptist Pastor to boot . . . I so appreciate good writing on this golden gospel chapter from the Tanach. I love to share it’s truths with others and want to help those who share the gospel with God’s beloved earthly nation to have as strong a grasp of important scriptures such as Isaiah 53. This looks like a book to savor and continue turning back to time and time again.

  5. I hope it is not too late to comment. I am currently preaching, teaching, and working in Eastern Europe. Isaiah 53 comes up frequently in discussions and studies here. This book could greatly improve my understanding of the text and help in my preaching and teaching of this passage. Thanks for considering me. God bless.

  6. Isaiah 53 comes up when I get into conversations about the gospel with Jews. This happened several times when I was studying at the Master’s College IBEX program. If this book would help me to expound upon the reality of Jesus being identified as the authorial intended servant then I know it will be a valuable resource for my library.

  7. I have always wanting to study Isaiah 53 clearly. I want to learn about how the ch.53 depicts coming Messiah’s suffering, and His atonement for sins for the world.

  8. I lived for a year with a Buddhist monk (without a monastery) who is a serious student of the practice as well as being a scientific-minded person who is an atheist. We had many give and take sessions, and I confess I was unable to deal with the science well, never being fluent in that subject. However, he was never able to answer the question well, “Who, what was Jesus?” The Dalai Lama and many Buddhists think Jesus was one of them, or at least one who had found the same general path, just on his own and in Israel. I find this to be nonsense, but it serves the core point: if you don’t believe in the Bible, what will you do with Jesus, acknowledged by other religions as historical, a prophet, or, an astonishingly wise and advanced man.
    More astonishingly, Isaiah said he was coming, and outlined in chp 53 some attributes. Thus my point, hoping for a freebie book! —I would like to know more details, more of the correlations to the NT reality, for I would like to astonish those I speak to concerning this man.
    People speak of the mysteries of crop-circles, UFOs, ghosts, etc etc….. why does the world concern itself with such things —yet disdains the astonishing mystery of Isaiah who foretold the astonishing man who was coming?!

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