A Rebuttal: Denny Burk Has Lost his Mind

Over at his blog Denny Burk has the following to say:

USC shouldn’t be number one in anyone’s poll. LSU, Alabama, and a number of other teams would wipe up the floor with USC. So don’t believe the hype.

I may be crazy, but I do not think Denny was watching the same USC yesterday game as the rest of planet earth. Just so we can all see for ourselves, I give you the highlights of the USC vs. Hawaii game:

Now, from those highlights I do not see how Denny came up with his comment above. Now, before we say that Hawaii is no true competition, let’s see who LSU played:

Hawaii I know, but North Texas? Granted, it is a warm up game for both teams, but in their respective warm-up games, USC looked so much sharper on both sides of the ball. Scoring on offense, defense, and you can throw in the 100+ yard kick-off return while you are at it.

So, to say that there are other teams that can “wipe the floor” with USC is no where near the realm of reality. What I took away from yesterday was that USC has the best QB, the best receiver and receivers, one of the best running backs, a defense that can run with USC’s defense from  last decade, and a special teams that is quite good. So, I am ready to see which team will wipe the floor with USC.


One thought on “A Rebuttal: Denny Burk Has Lost his Mind

  1. Okay, I confess that I’ve had a bias against USC ever since LSU win the BCS in 2003 and the AP still voted USC number 1. So yes, I confess some exaggeration, but I still don’t think they should be ranked number 1. Alabama is clearly the number 1 team right now.

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