Quote of the Day

Today’s QOTD is brought to you by Gareth Cockerill:

First and most fundamentally, God’s word in the incarnate, obedient, now exalted Son fulfills all that God has said. Therefore, the Son stands in complete continuity with and fulfills all previous revelation. Second, the Old Covenant with its priesthood and sacrifices has always been and continues to be a type of foreshadowing of the full sufficiency of Christ as Savior. It was never meant to be an adequate means of salvation in itself. This relationship between old and new is demonstrated both by the descriptions of the old order in the Pentateuch and and by the promises and intimations of fulfillment in Christ found mostly in the psalms, prophets, and related literature. Third, those who live by faith in the word of God constitute the one people of God  throughout history. Their goal has always been and continues to be final entrance into God’s eternal “rest.” Thus the examples of both the faithful and the unfaithful along with God’s promises, warnings, and words of encouragement to his people of old retain their validity with increased urgency because of what Christ has done. To be faithful today is to join the faithful of all time.

To that I say amen and amen!


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