In the Mail: Christology, Hermeneutics, and Hebrews

The fine folks over at Continuum were kind enough to send along a review copy of Christology, Hermeneutics, and Hebrews: Profiles from the History of Interpretation, edited by Jon Laansma and Daniel Treier, both of whom are professors at Wheaton College.
Here is a description of the book:

Christology and Hermeneutics discusses the history of the interpretation of the Letter to the Hebrews. Contributors assess the study and interpretation of Hebrews across the last two millennia. Beginning with the Patristic period, the book goes on to examine the responses of Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, as well as more recent figures such as Karl Barth and contemporary global interpreters.
The premise behind the work is to move study of Hebrews away from the perennial arguments about its authorship and provenance and to instead engage with it from a theological perspective, focusing upon the text’s reception history. Consequently the issue of the Christological message in Hebrews is at the forefront and is considered both in terms of the interpreter’s context and historical setting. At the end of the book the investigations are summarised and responded to by leading scholars Harold Attridge, Donald A. Hagner and Kathryn Greene-McCreight; providing a fitting conclusion to a radical academic project.

If you are interested in the essays included in the book, here is the table of contents:

Abbreviations (ix)
List of Contributors (xi)
Preface (xv)
Hebrews: Yesterday, Today, and Future; An Illustrative Survey, Diagnosis, Prescription Jon C. Laansma (1)
Christological Ideas in the Greek Commentaries on the Epistle to the Hebrews Frances M. Young (33)
Irenaeus and Hebrews D. Jeffrey Bingham (48)
‘Clothed with Spiritual Fire’: John Chrysostom’s Homilies on the Letter to HebrewsCharles Kannengiesser (74)
Thomas Aquinas and the Epistle to the Hebrews: ‘The Excellence of Christ’ Daniel Keating (84)
Christology in Martin Luther’s Lectures on Hebrews Mickey L. Mattox (100)
The Perfect Priest: Calvin on the Christ of Hebrews R. Michael Allen (120)
Typology, the Messiah, and John Owen’s Theological Reading of Hebrews Kelly M. Kapic (135)
The Identity of the Son: Karl Barth’s Exegesis of Hebrews 1.1-4 (and Similar Passages) Bruce L. McCormack (155)
The Living Word versus the Proof Text? Hebrews in Modern Systematic Theology Daniel J. Treier and Christopher Atwood (173)
Hebrews and the History of Its Interpretation: A Biblical Scholar’s Response Harold W. Attridge (202)
Hebrews: A Book for Today; A Biblical Scholar’s Response Donald A. Hagner (213)
Hebrews: Yesterday, Today, and Future; A Theologian’s Response Kathryn Greene-McCreight (225)
Bibliography (238)
Index of references to Premodern Sources (254)
Index of Authors (261)


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