Greetings from Bellingham WA

Well, I have officially arrived in my new home of Bellingham. First impressions: green, clean and crisp! I enjoy having trees surrounding me and breathing in crisp, clean air. My apartment is directly behind where I will be working, so the walk is a miserable 30 second jaunt. I have been staying with my best friend and his family in Mt. Vernon the last few days while I get adjusted to Washingtonian life.

I am eager to begin work. Having worked the last 4 years non-stop, these last few weeks of not working have been boring. I do not like having a lot of free time, so I have been reading mainly a biography on F.F. Bruce. I am looking forward to getting into a new routine of work and living, but it will not be complete until I have my amazing wife with me here.

Well, I am off for now, but look I will be back more regularly in the coming days.

Post Tenebras Lux



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