I Applaud You, Mr. Weaver

What may be unknown to some of my readers (all three of you, including my mom) is that I am a pretty big sports fan. When all is said and done, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the greatest sports franchise this side of Pluto. Period!

So when I came across this quote from the ace of the Anaheim (sorry, they will never be Los Angeles in my mind) Angel’s Jered Weaver, I just had to say well done! His agent, the infamous Scott Boras, recommended that he wait until he was a free agent to sign because if he did he would most likely receive a boat load of cash. What did Weaver do? He went against Boras and re-signed for what is significantly less than what he would have received if he tested the free agent pool. Here is Weaver’s reason behind re-signing with the Angels now, instead of later:

If $85 (million) is not enough to take care of my family and other generations of families then I’m pretty stupid, but how much money do you really need in life?” Weaver said Tuesday. “I’ve never played this game for the money. I played it for the love and the competitive part of it. It just so happens that baseball’s going to be taking care of me for the rest of my life (via ESPN).

While I still agree that pro athletes make more money than they should, I cannot help but say “well done” to Weaver. He is a SoCal native, and for him to stay home in California was more important than signing elsewhere for more money. Also, I must say that I like anyone who goes against Boras’ advice. Apparently Boras wasn’t so happy with this supposed hometown discount, which means less money for him. Boo-hoo Mr. Boras, boo-hoo.

Read the whole thing, it is a great read.


One thought on “I Applaud You, Mr. Weaver

  1. Weaver earned a ton of respect from fans all over for his comments. Although it’s easy for him to make those comments when he’s making $85 million but nevertheless it’s pretty refreshing to hear. Sure, Weaver could have gotten upwards of $100 million on the open market but like he said, “if $85 million isn’t enough to care of his family then your stupid.”

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