Adolf Schlatter on the Cost of Discipleship

I have been reading in the morning Adolf Schlatter’s devotional Do We Know Jesus? Daily Insights for the Mind and Soul. It is an excellent and theologically satisfying devotional. This mornings reading was centered on John 11.16 and Thomas’ question of dying with Jesus. Schlatter struck a nerve with this statement:

Just as little as Jesus hid himself, so little could the disciples hide themselves or flee. As he approached Jerusalem so that the entire people would see him and all in Jerusalem might hear his word, so it was also the disciples’ clear duty to stand with him and expose themselves to the attack that would come upon him there. If stones fly at Jerusalem, these stones will strike his disciples, too. Even if they did not die in the same hour at his side, Jesus’ execution would jeopardize their own lives. And if Jesus’ prophecy was fulfilled and the power brokers of Jerusalem delegated Jesus’ killing to the Romans, then the future of the disciples was completely in doubt.

Schlatter concludes with this question: Do you want to die with Jesus?

Do I want to die with Jesus?


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