Summer/Fall Books to Read

Well, I have decided on the books I want to crank out before the year comes to an end. I usually do not read fast, so I have picked seven books to plod through. I have tried to be somewhat diverse in my choosing; I have picked books that deal with history, rhetoric, biblical theology, and Hebrews.

So without further ado, here are my selections:

The last one will most certainly take me the longest, so I may have to extend this into next year. But I will try hard to finish it this year

Well, there it is. Please feel free to keep me accountable to my goals. But in the end, I reserve the right to change the timeline, books, etc. And if I do change anything, I will make sure to update this post to reflect said change.

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4 thoughts on “Summer/Fall Books to Read

  1. Right now I’m reading Paul and the Gospels (Mike Bird & Joel Willitts, eds) as well as Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of the Exile (Brant Pitre). Pitre’s book is excellent in so many ways and I’m still in the early stages of the other one. I’ve read James Crossley’s chapter and Mike Bird’s so far and they’ve both been pretty good.

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