Musings in the Revelation of John

Καὶ τῷ ἀγγέλῳ…γράψον·

Admittedly, I have not spent much time in the Revelation of John. This may be due to a Left Behind overdose early in my Christian life. Not to say that God did not use those books to help me focus on His word, but after awhile I just got burnt out by all the speculation and guessing of what certain images in Revelation symbolized and when the rapture was going to happen.

But I have decided to return to Revelation in my reading through the Greek text and I am just jotting down (mentally that it) notes and thoughts as I work through the text. One of these thoughts was just who are the “angels” John is intructed to write to and what is the historical setting and situation of the churched he mentions? I have heard it said that while the chuches are indeed real churches in the first century, they also symbolize the mant different stages of the church throughout the church age. My question is this: how is this even deduced from Revelation? How does one come to this conclusion except by trying to squeeze a modern day application into a first century context. This seems to me to be evangelicalized allegory, but I could be way off on this.

I am writing this late at night, so the brain may not be running on all cylinders. I may need to return to this and add/subtract from it. I had to scratch my head at this and really ask myself what have we done to the book of Revelation?


2 thoughts on “Musings in the Revelation of John

  1. I could not agree more, Cliff! Well said!
    I admire that you wish to do exegesis based on solid hermeneutics. Speaking from personal experience, some of the best interpretation comes out of simply being sick of poor interpretation (interpretation which first starts with the person interpreting!).
    Hope to read more!

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