Want a Free Book?

I am in the process of working out some details on giving away a book on this here blog. The book I will be giving away is The Book of James-A New Perspective: A Linguistic Commentary Applying Discourse Analysis, previously mentioned here. I hope to have this giveaway up by the end of the week, Lord willing. So, tell your friends, your mother, your grandmother, your barber, your barista, or whoever else you feel needs to know (I think everyone needs to know) to be on the look out for this giveaway. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Want a Free Book?

  1. Monsieur Savethebird, your obvious good sense has caused me to have a look at your blog, which I found delightful in the extreme. I shall subscribe forthwith.

    I hope this is sufficient consolation to you when I win the book.


  2. Esteban, I’m glad you found such delight in my blog! I will try to find some measure of consolation in that in the case that you win the book. 🙂

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