Coming to Life

Well, I figure that after taking almost a year off from posting I should return from my wanderings and once again resurrect this blog of mine. My self-imposed exile from blogging here was mainly caused by burnout. After recently getting married, and with life and work sucking the creative juices from me, I figured that instead of spewing words with no real substance onto a digital page I should go out into the wilderness and seek wisdom. I am back from the wilderness! I am not sure how much wiser I am, but I do feel refreshed and ready to get going again.

As with the past, the majority of my post will be on New Testament topics, probably Hebrews. I have also taken up learning German, so I am sure some of my gleanings from German will find their way into a post or two. Also, I recently purchased Karl Bath’s Kirchliche Dogmatik (Church Dogmatics). I figured that I should become more acquainted with one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century. My readings and thoughts on Barth will no doubt be the topic of many a posts to come.

I am looking forward to returning to a more consistent schedule of blogging, and I hope I have something of worth to say.


6 thoughts on “Coming to Life

  1. Glad to see your postings again. I do read them so you know. Stop by more often to visit, you AND HEATHER. I would rather have our discussions in person. 🙂

  2. Uh oh, Cliff, sounds like somebody’s in trouble… 😉

    And it is my pleasure to read your posts, of course. I was hoping you’d pick up the blog again at some point, for which reason your feed survived every one of my Google Reader purges so far. I’m glad the time has come!

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