A Meditation on Auctor’s Christological use of Ps 8 in Heb 2

I have been studying Hebrews now in some fashion for five years, and it never seems to amaze me how intricate and detailed Auctor is in his writing. The way he forms his discourse and keeps it moving is pure poetry and a theological masterpiece. Tonight, as I was reading through Heb 2 I was taken back with how perfectly situated Ps 8 is in his argument. If we were left with the exalted Son of Heb 1 we would have a High Priest who is completely out of touch with humanity. But as it is, Ps 8 is Auctor’s bridge from glory to incarnation. Auctor’s use of the Psalm is necessary in his argument that Christ is a merciful and faithful high priest. How could a high priest be either if he has not in some sense experienced the sufferings and temptations of humanity (Heb 2.10-18). In closing, I cannot help but recall Paul’s brilliant section of Phil 2.5-11 when I read this portion of Hebrews.


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