Today seems to be “Day of the Didache” on my blog.  A few years back I was blessed to be Dr. Varner’s research assistant for a book that has since been published on the Didache.  For some unknown reason people are searching for info on the Didache and are coming in large numbers(1) to this humbled corner of the internet.  So to them I say welcome, and enjoy this blog.

Also, ever had those days were all you can think of is seeing and the face of Christ?  Well, that is what has been consuming my thoughts and emotions these last few days.  God has given me such a desire to see my Savior and fall at his feet in thanksgiving for all that he is and for all that he has done to save a wretch like me.

Another bit of random nothingness really, I seem to have on more occasion than not the desire and thought, I want to write a book, article, etc. on this or that topic.  This last just as long as it takes to realize that someone already took my idea.  This has happened a lot more recently than I would like, but it only tells me that I at least am thinking in the right direction.

Well, I will leave you all now with the promise of a more serious and somewhat biblical based post in the near and distant future (it could be near or it could be distant, God knows).  I hope to have N. T. Wright’s “Jesus” book finished by the end of this semester and then plow through the third volume during the summer.

Soli Deo Gloria

(1) By large numbers, I mean 4.


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