Exile or Exodus? That is the Question

I have been busy reading devouring N. T. Wright’s impressive and informative The New Testament and the People of God.  And while I must confess that I had the hardest time beginning the book due Wright’s writing style, I have nevertheless began to enjoy the book immensely.  One of the aspects I have been considering is Wright’s “Exile” motif.  While I must say that it is quite persuasive, I am not thoroughly convinced.  The reason for this is (shocker) Auctor’s usage of the “Exodus” motif.  Now, I have written briefly on the Exodus in Hebrews in a series of previous post, so I will not rehash it here.  But what I find to be at odds with Wright’s analysis of the worldview of Jews in the first century is the utter lack of Exile themes, passages, allusions, and echoes in Hebrews.  Could this mean that the audience of Hebrews is not Jews but Gentiles?  I am not sure, but for Auctor he is more concerned with the fact that the people of God have not yet entered into a land in which they can be exiled from.

That is what I am considering this early morning.  What are some of your thoughts on this?


One thought on “Exile or Exodus? That is the Question

  1. You should check out Craig Evans article in Jesus and the Restoration of Israel. He vinidicates Wright’s thesis concerning the exile. I’m not sure how this relates to Hebrews, but I did find Wright, coupled with Evans, a good and persuasive argument.

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