And Another One Bites the Dust

Well, the semester is over (all but a quick two-page paper and a take home exam) and I must say that this one has been one of my favorites thus far. I did relatively well (I think) in my classes. And for the first time ever, I really enjoyed Hebrew. I had to write an exegetical paper on the Akedah (Gen 22) and I was blessed by the process and analysis.

Also, I have beefed up my library some over the last two weeks. I have been trying to focus some of my time, energy, and brain power on the use of Ps 95 in Heb 3-4. I have been intrigued by the references to the wilderness in Hebrews and decided that I should take a look. Since I am taking an exegesis of Hebrews next semester (this will be the second time I have taken an exegesis class on Hebrews. The first time being at Master’s College with Dr. Varner), I figured I would begin the research and writing process this winter.

Well, I will post some of the books that I have received tomorrow Lord willing. I will now retire to an episode of CSI: Las Vegas.

Peace out!


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