Peter O’Brien on Hebrews

9780802837295_mI was skimming through the upcoming Eerdmans publications and noticed that Peter T. O’Brien’s commentary on Hebrews is coming down the pipe in the very near future (anticipated realease: 3/1/2010).  This work is part of the Pillar New Testament Commentary series, which has produced a number of well written and useful commentaries.  This would be O’Brien’s second work in the Pillar series, his previous work on Ephesians is considered a must have for students of Ephesians.

As you may know, one of my main interest is the book of Hebrews.  So any major work or commentary on Hebrews I immediately snatch up and add to my library (just do not tell my wife).  I have been looking forward to O’Brien’s work since I first learned of his writing.  He has written mostly in the field of Pauline studies, so it will be interesting to see his take on issues unique to Auctor.

Here is the description:

In this carefully crafted commentary Peter O’Brien distinctively harvests the results of recent scholarship on the letter to the Hebrews, especially in relation to the genre of the document and the flow of its discourse. O’Brien views this letter as a “word of exhortation” — a homily or sermon that skillfully interweaves exposition and exhortation, encouraging faithful perseverance in the light of the superlative final word that God has spoken in Christ.


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