You’ve Got Mail Yet Again

A special thanks to Andrew Rogers at Zondervan for two review copies:


A Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters (BTNT) by Andreas J. Kostenberger as well as 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus: African Bible Commentary Series by Samuel M. Ngewa.  I was excited to look at Kostenberger’s Johnanine theology, and after seeing it I am very impressed!  It is a massive work of scholarship and I am sure that it will be just as good as his previous commentary of John in the BECNT.  Reviews are forthcoming.

Also, two other books came in the mail, but  these I purchased.  The first, Story as History, History as Story: The Gospel Tradition in the Context of Ancient Oral History by Samuel Byrskog is one that I had on my wish list for sometime.  I finally saw a used one at a good price so I snatched it up.  The second, God’s People in the Wilderness: The Church in Hebrews by O. Palmer Robertson is a book right up my alley.  If you noticed, a recent post of mine dealt with this subject, so when I came across this little book I was excited to read through it.

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