Another One of My Favorite Song-Writers

I can still remember when I first came across the now defunct band The Normals. I thought that they were a pretty good band, but never gave them much of a thought after that. But when they released their second studio album “Coming to Life,” I was hooked! I fell in love with melodies and the passion that was portrayed in the lyrics. To this day, when I hear “No Alibis” or “These Times” it reminds me of my fiance, and that is a good reminder for me (Thanks to the Normals for these two songs!). I highly suggest that you pick up “Coming to Life” and just listen to the passion and incredible song-writing.

All of that to say this: Andrew Osenga is probably my second favorite songwriter of all time (he might actually be tied for first with John Mayer, and on a good day he is my favorite). I love his music and lyrics! I have listened to his album “Photographs” countless number of times, and each listen brings new found love for his writing. I recommend that you get your hands on his stuff. Be one of those people who say, “I have been listening to Andrew long before he was big!”

Check out his site and download his EP “Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1.” This is only a sample of what he is capable of. Whatever you do, go to iTunes and get “Photographs.” That is one amazing piece of art!


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