My Experience at ETS and SBL (part 1)

Well, I arrived at San Diego for ETS on Wednesday afternoon. I heard papers from Dr. William Varner and Andrew Pitts from McMasters Divinity School. I have only talked with Andrew via facebook, so to be able to meet him in person was a blessing. What a scholar and amazing guy! I heard a lecture from Doug Moo and a session on Richard Bauckham book, which was ok. I had lunch with Rick Brannon from Logos Bible Software. That was the highlight of the day. He is a really smart fellow, who loves the Lord and his word. It has been fun rooming with Dr. Varner. We have laughed and joked and prayer together. This is a vacation like none other. I am have a really good time.

Today I got to hang out with Andrew and his friend Chad for awhile. I also listened to a paper by Stan Porter on the lexical importance of πιστις in the πιστις χριστου debate (thanks again to Andrew for helping me understand the gist of his Porter’s argument). Now I am sitting in my hotel room relaxing and reading some of the books (some as in quite a few!) I purchased. I will list them all in another post. Blessings to all!


One thought on “My Experience at ETS and SBL (part 1)

  1. Like yourself, I’m a member of ETS. I’m a pastor in Edmonton, educated at Dallas Seminary and enjoy studying/reading the Grk NT.

    I was recently checking out future titles in the Baylor series of Handbooks on the Greek Text and the name Cindy Westfall was listed as the person doing the volume on Hebrews. I’ve enjoyed Martin Culy’s volume in the series on Acts and am looking forward to other titles. So who is Cindy Westfall, where does she teach and what is her specialty?

    I noticed her name @ theological musings and thought you might be able to help. Thx.

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