Logos Bible Software 3.0

This post is a bit different from what I normally post, but what I normally post is informed by the program that I use.

I have been a user of Logos Bible Software (LBS from this point forward) since my first semester of college in spring 2004. I came across LBS through my schools campus email, which sent out a special 50% off offer for the Scholar’s Edition. After reviewing the contents that came with LBS, I was sold. Boy am I glad that I jumped at the offer. I have been pleased with LBS ever since.

With the recent upgrade (from 2.0 to 3.0) came some significance changes and additions to the Scholar’s Library. One of the most attractive and ground breaking is the addition of the syntax databases. This is the first of its kind, and it promises to be a amazing addition to the LBS family. The prices are reasonable and worth the investment (with the amount of tools that are included in the Scholar’s Edition, the price is right.)

Why do I use LBS? This is a fair question to ask. I use LBS because not only is it stocked with an amazing amount of tools for the trade, it is also user friendly; extremely user friendly in my opinion. Now this does not mean that once you turn on your computer and open LBS, everything comes naturally. I must say that the syntactical searches are not the easiest thing to do. It will take sometime getting familiar with the lingo and what not before you can become an expert. Nevertheless, when the work is put into understanding how to use the syntax database, the skies the limit.

One of the main reason I use LBS is because of the amount of books you can add to your digital library. For example, I have added BDAG, the Apostolic Father’s, BECNT, WBC: The Gospels, and other things. These have been a such a huge benefit to my own personal studies.

So, if you are looking for a good Bible program for series study, then look no further than Logos Bible Software, you will not regret your investment.

*I also use and enjoy greatly Bibleworks 7.0*

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