Life and Books

Well, I finished my first week of work at Starbucks, and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying working there. They know how to treat their partners well, and the work environment is fantastic. I have also been reading these days from a book called In the Shadow of the Temple, by Oskar Skarsaune. It is an enlghtening read and one that I would recommend to someone interested in the influence of temple and Judaism on the early stages of Christianity. I also have lying next to me Dale C. Allison’s Studies in Matthew. Look forward to reading this one as well.


One thought on “Life and Books

  1. I happened across your website today and noticed you discussed Oskar Skarsaune. You may be interested to know that we at Logos Bible Software are publishing an electronic edition Skarsaune’s In the Shadow of the Temple. You can visit its Pre-Pub product page here: The Logos edition will be fully searchable, and all references and footnotes will operate as hotspots, immediately presenting the cited information whenever the cursor rolls over them. All this and more make this esteemed work even more useful for study. And you can help us see this product get the attention it deserves! Contact me for more info: zrock [at] logos [dot] com.

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