School Has Begun

Well, school is in full swing and I am busy. This semester I have Economics, World History II, Theology II, Understanding Islam, and Greek Exegesis (the book of Hebrews). This is my last semester here, and I am both excited as well as sad to be leaving. I have so many great memories of this place (I met my future wife here; gained a mentor and friend in my Greek Professor; been trained to exegete the Greek NT here). The Lord has indeed blessed me more than I can think. I will try to write more than I did last semester.

On another note:

My Greek professor’s book of the Didache is coming soon to a bookstore near you (though you may have to special order it). I spent my summer last year working with him editing, compiling information for a concordance, and entering a bibliography. I am excited to see that it is coming out.


2 thoughts on “School Has Begun

  1. Cliff! I feel the sameway about the school dude. Last semester, excited but sad about leaving. Actually, I’ve been wanting to learn Greek for quite some time and my shedule has been a detriment. Until I start school at Talbot and have an opportunity then, what “self-learn” books do you recommend for biblical Greek?

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