Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospel as Eyewitness Testimony

I recently purchased Richard Bauckham’s book at Archives Book Store in Pasadena, California. Side note: if you live in SoCal and have not been able to make it to Archives, you are missing something. It is the Mecca of bookstores in this area. I have been hearing a lot about Bauckham’s new book, and I wanted to read it for myself. Granted I am only finished with the first few chapters, I am already enjoying what I am reading. It is a breath of fresh air in many ways. I am encouraged with the thought that we can actually trust eyewitnesses and their accounts of the life of Jesus. Instead of having to understand what we know of the gospels through the lens of form criticism, we can actually trust that what we have in the gospels are eyewitness accounts, albeit possibly 2nd and 3rd generation. The discussion on Papias and his logia is fascinating. I am looking forward to working through this well written and encouraging book.


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